In life I have found the desire to be somewhere other than where we are, a behavior common to all people, is at the heart of our suffering.

Whether facing depression, anxiety, grief or struggling with life transitions or addiction, the healing process begins just the same: right where we are.

By a contemplative model of engagement, and honoring the immediate moment, I have found great potential in building a compassionate and vibrant therapeutic bond with those seeking support.

Nicholas Demaio LPC
My journey in the therapeutic fields began ten years ago by working with children and adolescents with autism. Since then, my path has led me to working with some of the most amazing and courageous people I’ve ever known; those working with issues related to developmental disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, trauma and addiction.

Time and time again, the path to health and wellbeing begin much like any other – starting where you are and developing the bravery to take that first step.

Contemplative psychotherapy approaches the therapeutic process through mindfulness and loving-kindness practices to uncover our genuine goodness, natural dignity and innate wisdom. "Brilliant sanity" is the fundamental core in ourselves that we can rediscover by cultivation and nurturing; the results are clarity, openness, compassion toward ourselves and others, and a better integration of body, mind, spirit and energy. Contemplative psychotherapy includes insights from behavioral-cognitive therapy, guided imagery, breath work and narrative therapy.

Mindfulness-based therapy can significantly improve quality of life and can offer effective treatments for problem behaviors and complex trauma-related symptoms. Mindfulness seeks to improve our awareness of our thoughts and feelings with the goal of a non-judgmental acceptance that does not attach or react. Benefits include relaxation, stress reduction, the alleviation and prevention of depression and anxiety.

I am dedicated to providing compassion and support for the great depths and breadths of the healing process.

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