The Holiday Blues

by Harlee Abromson, LCSW, Director

If your holiday season isn't a Norman Rockwell painting or the conclusion of a Hallmark movie, you aren't alone. Many people are overwhelmed by an endless list of concerns that leaves them feeling hopeless and helpless. But we do have control in our choice to create meaning in our suffering

To begin, try taking some manageable steps toward nourishing yourself. This might mean a motivational walk in the fresh air, the preparation of a healthy meal or reserving - just for you! - the time to rest or meditate.

Secondly, reach out...

To a neighbor, an old friend, a relative, a clergy person, a therapist, even someone who might be in as much need as you. Talking about anything might feel risky, but sometimes listening to another is as helpful to that person as to you. Unexpected good can come to yourself and another, just by beginning to participate in the universal exchange of sharing and listening.

Awakening our caring can allow us to see everything that is meaningful even in our suffering. The gift of a caring voice is creative and meaningful, and better than anything wrapped in sparkle and shine.

This holiday season, opening your head and heart to love, growth and sharing can manifest the well-being that overcomes adversity.

Wishing all of you light and love!

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