Our Mission as Helpers

Provide a safe space.
Empower with self knowledge.
Reveal insights.
Uncover healing energy.
Create strategies to live fully.
Partner with you on the journey.

Good experiences are not far, even when we feel overwhelmed by the opposite.

At the Center we believe by listening and creating a space where you can speak openly and honestly about thoughts, emotions and behaviors, healing and wholeness become possible. Discovery and exploration may be lifelong endeavors, but when we join together in psychotherapy our challenges, difficulties and problems receive new solutions.

Our services cover a broad range of needs for adults, children, families, couples and groups. We are committed to you and promise the highest quality of care for the journey.


Most major insurances are accepted.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Today is an opportunity:
the benefits of happiness, mental health & wellness

Happiness is a wellness as essential as physical health. Clear thinking, a resilient self-esteem and satisfying relationships may be the hallmarks of strong mental health. Those who are happy eat, love, heal, complete goals and sleep better. Even if happiness is mysterious at times, mental health professionals can help us cultivate the very skills that lead to satisfaction and wholeness.

Today's mood – how you feel at this very moment - your general sense of satisfaction and contentment - how you feel about your life on the whole - and specific subjects - an important relationship, work, a certain goal - all contribute to your sense of happiness. We can sustain and increase our happiness through new ideas and new intentional skills. Consider the benefits of happiness, mental health & wellbeing below. 

Investing in yourself with robust strategies for peace and balanced stress boosts the immune system. Chronic stress and depression may worsen up to 80% of the conditions treated by primary care physicians. But positive emotions and thoughts of gratitude and good experiences produce clinically relevant effects such as reduced inflammation, stronger immune responses and lower risks of coronary disease and diabetes.

Our self-esteem develops as we practice healthy mental responses. We doubt less, forgive more and expand our areas of coping and mental flexibility. Positive emotions, thoughts and behaviors become stronger with intentional awareness and exercise. We can find ourselves doing more and accomplishing much with these powerful tools in our everyday lives.

Quality relationships are caring and compassionate, demonstrating mutual affection, support and the understanding of individual interests and unique needs. Good mental health translates into satisfying time spent with those who are important to us and the development of nourishing relationships based on respect, trust and kindness.

Improved productivity and the achievement of goals and dreams are possible when our mental health sustains us. Clear thinking, positive feelings, reduced worry and anxiety, healthy coping strategies, fruitful relationships and resilient self-confidence are profound resources for making the most of today and building our visions for tomorrow.

Our abilities to contribute meaningfully to others and to speak constructively develop with positive mental health. If communication is the golden thread in the constructive therapeutic relationship, a similar thread runs through us when we are developing an openness to feedback, the capacity to listen and to create effective communications that meet our needs and the needs of others.

The more we intentionally practice the aspects of happiness and mental wholeness, the more we build the internal resources for a satisfying life. We are sustained by savoring what is good. We value acts of kindness toward others and ourselves. We endeavor to complete meaningful goals. We reframe challenges into opportunities. We experience exploration and growth. In short, we thrive and help others thrive, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Hours of Operation & Location

9:00am - 9:00pm

Monday - Saturday

All hours are by appointment. Our therapists welcome the opportunity to discuss individual availability.

  907 West Street, Second Floor,
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Our wing is located on the second floor. The most direct entrance is straight across the street from the parking lot.

Our counseling suites are private and fully furnished with amenities including wifi.


 What to bring:

Please bring your health insurance card to your first appointment.

Co-pays and deductibles are due at your visit.

The Center accepts all major credit and debit cards, and Apple Pay. All therapists also accept fee for service.

Prior to your first appointment, we recommend confirming your coverage with your health plan. To view individual health insurance acceptance, please visit our Therapists Directory 


 Our Intake:

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We are also glad to mail you a hard copy, by post, at your request

A PDF copy can also be downloaded  to print at home.

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Professional counseling is a collaborative relationship. All of our experienced therapists believe your thoughts, feelings and goals matter; and all of our therapists uphold the highest levels of integrity, privacy and compassion. To learn more about our specific licensed counselors, social workers, psychotherapists and psychologists, please visit our  Therapists Directory 

To learn more about choosing counseling and the therapeutic process, please visit our  Specialties & Approaches page 

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