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Part-time and Full-time Jobs

Are you a licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), psychologist or psychiatrist committed to excellence?

Interested in joining our extraordinary team for a different kind of workplace?

Part-time. Full-time.

Dynamic. Joyful. Nourishing.

Where do you see yourself tomorrow? We'd like to help you get there.

Careers with us: Inspiration, Joy, Support

The Center for Counseling Arts:
Your Passion. Our Support. Together Our Story is Better

What we do differently: People First

At the Center we take pride in trusting and respecting each other. Success and satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Exciting ideas, meaningful causes and quality work make our days. Our supportive and creative work environment is built on maintaining your work-life balance and fulfillment, and offers this fundamental structure:

  • self-managed schedule & hours, with no quota
  • remote work options for freedom and comfort
  • transparent financials
  • a culture of passions and dreams where self-examined interests and areas of excellence are embraced
  • approachable communications for open-door management where important information is shared and two-way feedback inspires

A team of connection

Growth and opportunities are welcome in our safe and comfortable workspace of many perspectives. Collegial forums and social occasions are never required but are the natural outgrowth of our community of engagement and caring where we speak our shared experiences and support and encourage each other. We feel good about our meaningful work and are committed to helping each other with positive contributions.

You aren't just meeting a group of dedicated and caring practitioners who can transform the quality of life for others. You're also living out your inspiration and joining a community of like minds and hearts; you're living out your best life.

Benefits and Support Services for Your Success

At the Center, you are never a number. We believe your professional and personal time are equally important. Our services are designed to empower your contributions, to integrate your natural talents into our community and to live your most authentic self.

Office Management

Let us take care of the administrative steps.

Our skilled on-site office management provides longstanding industry experience and insight for those behind-the-scenes necessities in healthcare, allowing you to focus on continued client care, whether in-person at one of our comfortable counseling suites or through remote telehealth. Our administrative services to you include:

  • eligibility inquiries with health insurance providers and related communications with clients
  • assistance in CAQH credentialing and related regulations and compliances
  • assistance in health care insurance credentialing
  • submission of claims and billing, and follow-up verifications and communications for proper remunerations
  • efficient and easy to read monthly payroll statement, reconciliation and balance sheets
  • HIPAA compliant intake forms, privacy statements and client consent contracts
Grow Your Career

Ongoing Direct Referrals. Reach new opportunities.

With over thirty years of trust and established professional relationships, the Center can help grow your career with ongoing, direct referrals in a secure HIPAA compliant encrypted platform. Our professional referral program is 24/7, and for every referral you may review, accept or decline, at your discretion and with complete autonomy.

The Center also provides targeted marketing, professional advertising and online representation for you. Our consistent credibility is the foundation from which you can develop. Depending on your position, you may be eligible for:

  • superior online visibility through the Center for Counseling arts website, including a tailor-made homepage where you can speak your vision and care to a growing audience. Our industry-leading responsive media design displays consistently across all devices, including smartphones, with expertise in SEO and secure HIPAA compliant encryption and all required certificates
  • subscription and profile on the social-networking and advertising directory of Psychology Today
  • bespoke business cards and office supplies
The Center Supports You

Open door support from our director & team. We can share & celebrate.

We know the efforts you provide in psychotherapy to help others amount to more than just a job. Whether your preferred modality confronts difficult irrational beliefs, or holds a broad space of listening mindfulness, mental health practitioners often experience a sense of isolation, frustration and questions of longevity.

Our director and longstanding professional psychotherapists are available in a creative and collaborative community that includes professional meetings to share cases and concerns, group dinners for fellowship and fun, and mentoring and coaching.

In short, when we support the human flourishing of each other, we are helping ourselves experience the good life, too!

From Our Hearts

At the Center, we strive for three essentials: camaraderie, support and autonomy. You'll be supported, but you won't be micromanaged. When I was first starting, I wanted a place where my passion could thrive. Together, Nancy and I created just that place. Your calling can flourish here!

Director Harlee Abromson, LCSW, Director & Psychotherapist Harlee Abromson, LCSW Director Emeritus & Psychotherapist

Each of us has a unique journey. At the Center - a community founded on compassion, consciousness and trust - your special wholeness is honored. You are welcome to grow; you are welcome to connect to the lengths and depths of your humanity to become the most true you.

Dr. Nancy Lardo, PhD, Director & Psychologist Dr. Nancy Lardo, PhD Director & Psychologist

Careers with us: Inspiration, Joy, Support
Where the Quality of Care Matters & Counseling is an Art.

We hail from many disciplines.

A variety of counseling careers, jobs and mental health positions are available for an independent contractor who may design either part-time or full-time employment for in-person or telehealth services.

 Your freedom. Your Schedule.

As an independent contractor, with autonomy and no quotas, you can maintain the flexibility to explore and to grow. Design with us your own perfect role as a therapist, and we can empower you to pursue a career that you love.

 Our fully furnished offices and counseling suites are private and located in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Regent Square / Wilkinsburg. Our convenient location is minutes from Churchill, Squirrel Hill, Greenfield, Monroeville, the Waterfront, Oakland, Shady Side / East End, Forest Hills, the South Side and downtown Pittsburgh.

We are open 9am-9pm, Monday through Saturday.

 Psychotherapist applicants must have an MS Degree, a desire for excellence, and should be one of the following:

  • a licensed professional counselor (LPC)
  • a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)
  • a licensed psychologist (PhD or PsyD)
  • a licensed psychiatrist (MD)
Diversity & Inclusion

Better as We: Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in equal opportunities and rights, and consider applications for employment without regard to race, color, gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation or religion.

We believe we grow best by including everyone.

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

- J. M. Barrie


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