The Spirit of Receiving

by Dr. Nancy Lardo, PhD, Director

The other side of giving is receiving: the healthy part of us that takes pleasure in acknowledgment, that is delighted when someone remembers, that is moved when someone celebrates us.


ust ask children. They cannot wait to open their hearts and their imaginations. They are tickled to receive. But many adults cannot always open their own hearts to the spirit of receiving.

In giving we maintain control. We don’t have to be vulnerable and we can be excited by the creativity of selecting and choosing. The glad frenzy sweeps us away on the surface of our emotions where we feel generous, safe and protected.

Opening our hearts to receive the appreciation of someone else can be much harder depending on our individual journeys. Some of us, in disappointment, fear, anger or doubt, have begun to believe we don’t deserve affirmation while still desiring more. And some may feel opening the heart is too risky - a floodgate closed a long time ago.

But tilting the scale to a balance of giving and receiving can nourish us.

Take the time to look into the eyes of the giver and express your gratitude, whatever the gift. Take in the message... leaving no doubt in your mind that you are deserving; and if you are moved by the gesture, don’t be afraid to reveal yourself.

In this way you will be giving back the gift of you. 


Meet Dr. Nancy Lardo, PhD, Psychologist, Director:

Dr. Nancy Lardo, PhD, Director, Psychologist

My life as a psychologist began officially in 1984. But my desire to learn more about the human condition began long before that - as a teacher, a researcher, a seeker, and an observer. I believe we can seek wholeness through insight, an understanding of roots and a willingness to trust again.

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