Life changes, new ideas and creativity may have developed deep within us, unnoticed, until we see again our expanding selves.

I believe we can seek wholeness through insight, an understanding of roots and a willingness to trust again.

Trust, honoring each other's differences and forgiveness are essential on our journeys. I find fostering the >connection with one’s deeper spirit significant in the therapeutic process.

Dr. Nancy Lardo, Director
My life as a psychologist began officially in 1984. But my desire to learn more about the human condition began long before that - as a teacher, a researcher, a seeker, and an observer.

I studied human behavior from a dramatic, psychological and energetic perspective. My training includes bioenergetics, gestalt, and psychodynamic therapy. I've had many roles in the field of education, including conflict resolution and leadership advice, where peace-making is often overlooked. And I've a great deal of experience in relationship recovery and relationship counseling, which is about achieving a more effective communication and reviving the intimate balance between partners.

The mind-body connection continues to fascinate me. It leads me to look at the “wholeness” of the individual, the unique pains and the concept of change.

Change can be seen as an unfolding of oneself... the deeper facets revealing the truer you. Change occurs somewhere between who I am and who am I... Change can be sought with courage, searching, conscious consideration, acceptance, trust, and forgiveness. Did I mention courage?

Through the process of therapy one can resolve that which has limited growth. Pain can be changed. One can heal and improve the quality of his or her life.

Compassion and the courage to explore one's inner landscape can take us to new places on our journeys.

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