Spring Celebration

by Dr. Nancy Lardo, PhD, Director

Spring is a revelation of change, a season of growth.

Spring energy expands from hidden roots. Ever so gently the earth befriends and gives forth new life. If we listen and watch, this annual rebirth can become our own renewal. We arrive, just like spring.

Renewal may involve exposure. Winter, the season of withdrawal and contraction, encouraged a return to our deepest resources. Life changes, fresh ideas and creative solutions may have been developing deep within us, unnoticed. Our life forces thrive deep within us.

Imagine the perennial far in the soil but with no evidence on the surface. When signs emerge, we are approaching unexpected beauty. As our expanding selves show again in a new season, we can embrace these changes by knowing that which is fertile has no choice but to come alive. New colors, new depths, individual splendors await us.

Let’s encourage our unique transformations by paying attention – by hearing and seeing the insights, the expressions, the uncovering. Let’s celebrate the great beauty of ourselves. Here is the joy that is our own spring, come again!

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